An expert on self-compassion and a mother with a son who has Autism.  Wise words that will change your tomorrow!

           TED Talk on Self Compassion


Sweet Sleep

Ahhhh, go to bed!  

These words will be a distant memory once you start reading, ‘The Little Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep’!  Read this wonderful inspiring article about this ‘dream’ book on Upworthy.

Now with that I should go to bed!

Want to have Batman hearing?  Or have the delicate listening ear of Frozen?  Well, look no further… A talented mom has created wonderful decorations for hearing aids at her website LUGS.  

To read more about colourful and heroic decorations check out Mashable

I am attending a SMILE training workshop at the end of this month.  I’m excited!  You might want to ask… What is this?  Here’s what ACTS says about it:

SMILE is a multi-sensory approach to teaching speech, reading, and writing skills to learners with a range of special needs as part of a total educational management system. It addresses the needs of students who have difficulty with phonemic awareness and have failed to learn to speak or read through “natural or more conventional/traditional approaches.” This two-day workshop includes simulation exercises and video examples of real-time teacher implementation sessions with students.

For some more information check out this link:


This is an amazing story about two unlikely best friends click on the link below: 

Best Friends

I saw this piece of artwork in a restaurant and I smiled…


What does school look like?

Here's an interesting article about unschooling:




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