I had a great privilege to fly to Los Angeles this weekend for the LA Abilites Expo which was inspirational! One booth I stopped at was The AbleGamers Foundation which ‘serves more than 56 million members of the disabled community by advocating greater access to digital media’. The foundation is ‘a leader in the development of equipment, programs and services to those living with disabilities, hardships, and quality-of-life issues’. It is their goal ‘that all people can use gaming as a tool for an enriched social experiences with friends, family, and the world at large.’ It’s great to see how this foundation can promote inclusion through digital media!  

Monkeys and Autism

Interesting article from Nature exploring monkeys with a specific defect in a gene that may have ties to Autism.  



Here’s an interesting article about the journey of Autism throughout history to today.  Enjoy this detailed article from the New Yorker.


Wonderful Math App

Check out this article and video from the BBC and be inspired!

Malawi app ‘teaches UK pupils 18 months of maths in 6 weeks’



Here’s a great listen about the interesting perspective one can have on Autism and its history.  Be prepared to look at Autism in a different light… Click HERE to listen to the CBC radio interview with Steve Silberman, the author of Neurotribes.


This is Beautiful!

A story of hope (grab the Kleenex!) click HERE


Let’s Compare

Check out a new page I have added called ‘Fantastic Technology’.  I’ve been exploring various types of technology to support the learners I work with in the classroom.  So here are a few videos of various technologies that do similar things… Let’s have a look!

I picked Raccoons as a great subject to write and talk about:


Apple Laptop with Text to Speech in a Word Document*

*need Mac Computer

SOLO6 Read OutLoud Text to Speech *

*need purchased SOLO6 Program

TalkTyper Text to Speech*

*Chrome or Google


Apple Laptop with Speech to Text in a Word Document*

*need Mac Computer

Google Read and Write Speech to Text in Chrome in Google Drive*

*need Chrome and gmail account

Dragon Dictation Speech to Text on iPad*

*need Mac iPad for Free version

TalkTyper Speech to Text on the Laptop

*Chrome or Google


Google Translate on Ipad

*Chrome or Google






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