I went to my first EdCamp on Saturday through the Langley School District in British Columbia, Canada. If you ever hear of one in your community I really encourage you to go… You won't be disappointment! EdCamp is about collaborating and learning with others on various topics being discussed throughout the day. Here is the link to the one I particated in:


This is definitely the beginning of many EdCamps for me in the future. You can go to the website and see all the various topics discussed and the notes from the gatherings on that topic. Happy EdCamping!



There are many articles I've read this week highlighting the raising concerns around Autism. I wanted to list some of the articles that still seem to ask the question: Why is Autism on the rise?

On the Rise

1 in 68: Living with Autism

Autism Can Start in the Second Trimester in Pregnancy


Gestures and Math

There's wonderful research that has just come out about the benefits of using gestures in Math. To read more about this transforming Math strategy checkout this article:



Changing Reading!

Reading is changing…

Above is the new reading of the future. To read and watch what this is all about check out the following link: http://elitedaily.com/news/technology/this-insane-new-app-will-allow-you-to-read-novels-in-under-90-minutes/


This is an amazing video that everyone needs to watch!



Selling ADHD?

Here is a fascinating clip about the advertising powers behind pharmaceuticals behind ADHD. Click on the image below to read and watch the power of advertising:




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