Summer Reading


I am reading Lost at School by Ross Greene which is proving to be very insightful and eye opening. I am only on Chapter 3 but I have a gut feeling this is going to be a great book. To read a reflection on this book click HERE. This reflection highlights the major points of the book which will give you a good snapshot of the book. I find the book gives lots of practical suggestions and examples that let's the reader connect and relate to 'difficult' situations. As a Special Ed teacher, I enjoy books that embark on challenging the 'norms'… This book definitely does that!


Noteable #7



The love of a father through the art of dance. Click HERE below to read and watch this beautiful love between a father and a daughter.


Summer Reading


So summer is almost here and I’ve discovered another book to add to my reading list…


To read more on a review of this book click HERE.

This book highlights the life of an individual with a sensory processing disorder. Click HERE below to watch the intensity of a heightened sensory processing experience:


Farming Inclusion

This is an amazing story about the passion and perservance of inclusion. Even though there are physical obstacles the spirit is stronger!



Here is our final Raspberry Pi ins-PI-re Project reflection which I blogged about in the Fall.

Thank you to SET-BC for giving us a Classroom Technology Grant for this school year!

It has been ins-PI-ring!


Please note: I was able to teach four workshops this school year about our project on the Raspberry Pi to educational professionals and a community group.

Please note: We are still hoping to have Dr. Sam Pimentel teach us one more lesson on coding up 'Pi' on the Raspberry Pi!




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